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for corporate wellness

« A healthier work force lowers insurance costs to employers.

The IHW HABIT™ program helps employers lower their yearly insurance costs by reducing the overall risk pool within the organization. By reducing claims, your organization can expect better coverage from your insurance company and better rebates as a result of healthier employees.

« Ongoing Virtual HABIT Coach™ guides users seamlessly through the program.

The IHW HABIT™ program acts as a virtual coach that guides the participant through their personalized prevention plan. Employees find it easy to navigate through the program because the instructions and feedback are provided in a logical and friendly manner.

« Successful incentive programs require benefits & consequences.

Most incentive programs only focus on the rewards and what the employee can win from participating in the program. However, the most effective incentive programs also look at the consequences of not participating. With the IHW HABIT™ program, you can easily track which employees are doing their learning.

« Healthier employees and higher workplace attendance rates lead to more revenue.

When employees miss work, it costs your organization. Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or take vacation days. The IHW HABIT™ program helps improve workplace productivity as employees become more disciplined with their goals. Our philosophy is that discipline in one area leads to discipline in other areas. By helping your employees achieve their health goals, you are also setting them up for success to achieve business goals.

« The IHW HABIT™ program increases employee motivation.

Healthier employees are more motivated employees. When you have your employees working toward goals they WANT to achieve, they are more likely to carry that enthusiasm over into their work responsibilities. Motivation is even more prevalent when employees are helping each other reach their goals.