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What is it and what can it do for you?

IHW HABIT™ is an interactive personalized online health management system.

IHW HABIT™ ties together behavior modification, evidence-based monitoring and goal setting to improve member’s personal health outcomes. Members are given access to assessments, reports, and eLearning materials at a cost unseen in this marketplace. The cost is a fraction of what you will be saving as your members improve their health. We provide unlimited access instantly upon signing up annually.

Provides a Personalized Prevention Plan.

IHW HABIT™ members take health risk and behavior assessments that produce individual customized reports. This data allows members to analyze their health and identify areas needing improvement. By digging into what’s important to them, we are able to guide members through a validated program proven to help them set and achieve goals.

Offers ongoing continuing education and behavioral change guidance.

Throughout the program, members receive personalized messaging to notify them of accomplishments, offer important tips, and encourage motivation. Our virtual “HABIT coach” guides members through a unique behavioral road map using HD quality videos, quizzes, and activities. Our program equips members with the tools to improve their behavior, but encourages personal responsibility. We provide them with the knowledge to become healthier!

Satisfies compliance and billing requirements.

Our revolutionary program IHW HABIT™ complies with sections 4103-4108 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and can be customized/private labeled. We are able to track members as they go for an annual wellness visit, including digital timestamps for key ACA compliance records. Our HABIT eMessaging™ pushes timely notifications to patients and health care professionals.

Assists in lowering risk pool.

IHW HABIT™ focuses on modifiable risk factors and targets chronic disease prevention. As your members successfully complete the program, you will see their health improving, thus, giving you a healthier risk pool. As a benefit, your claims costs will decrease per individual. You will be able to track members’ progress and reward them accordingly.

How IHW HABIT™ has changed the game
with being the first to market:

Our competition tracks vital stats, and makes blanket statements on health information based off of a health risk assessment and report. This leaves them with limited to no behavioral modification tools and making them rely primarily on incentives to change behavior (proven to be highly ineffective) all at an industry average cost: $7 - $15 per member per month.

We are able to provide you with IHW HABIT™: a validated behavior modification process through patent-pending targeted eLearning. In going through the program, members are given: a personalized behavioral road map, a personalized health risk assessment and report, a personalized behavioral assessment and report, individualized results (gender, age, and behavior specific), prevention plan services, and a means to offer incentives or penalties based on participation. This is all delivered at a cost of pennies per day!