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Executive Officers

Indaba Health and Wellness, LLC


Brian Butler is the CEO of Indaba Health and Wellness, LLC. Throughout his career, Mr. Butler has always been highly responsive to customers, shareholders, and executive management. In his leadership role at IHW, Brian sets the direction for the enterprise. Team members look to him to provide inspiration for delivering the best possible solution for all distributors, customers, and those they serve. Because he was responsible for overall program execution on very large programs including budget, schedule, staffing, and technical progress, Brian understands that the perfect meshing of creativity, innovation, and cost-effectiveness are winning focal points to drive the growth of IHW. Brian consistently drives the team toward results. His primary objective is to make certain Indaba Health and Wellness remains one of the most innovative and cutting-edge organizations in the field. (See full bio)


Hellen Davis is an executive officer of Indaba Health and Wellness LLC, and is one of the founders of Indaba Global, Inc., a management consulting, eLearning, and training corporation. Clients include executives and leaders from dozens of Fortune 100 corporations and leadership in the top agencies in the public sector. She is respected for her extensive knowledge of accountability and executing strategic goals, as well as influencing strategies, strategic planning, behavior modification processes, sales and peak performance management expertise, and negotiation tactics. Ms. Davis has written many books, including the best seller The 21 Laws of Influence. Her favorite is Noble Intent, co-authored by Fran Landolf. Before founding Indaba Global, Hellen was a Certified Life Underwriter (CLU). (See full bio)


Nicole Neal is the CEO of Indaba Global Education Solutions (IGES), LLC. Ms. Neal is a visionary leader and a pioneer in building transformative education products. Most recently Ms. Neal was the President of the Education Solutions Group (ESG) at CORE Education Consulting and Solutions, LLC. She managed a portfolio of formative assessment, intervention and content solutions for districts and states serving Pre-K, K-12, Employability, Special Education and Higher Education sectors. Ms. Neal also served as the Senior Vice President of Major Accounts and State Services for Pearson Education Inc., one of the world’s largest education publishing and technology companies. Prior to Pearson, Nicole served as Senior Vice President of Client Services for Schoolnet, Inc., where she played an important part in helping to drive the company’s accelerated growth, leading to Pearson’s acquisition of Schoolnet. (See full bio)


Ronald Lissak is the Executive Vice President of Sales at Indaba Health and Wellness, LLC. Mr. Lissak brings a wealth of knowledge about the health care industry and exceptional entrepreneurship skills to the IHW team. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to patient care and committed to research and excellence in clinical operations. Although he is a CPA by training, Mr. Lissak has over 25 years of experience in the health care field. For the past 16 years, he has been at the forefront of Molecular Imaging by owning and operating fixed and mobile PET and PET/CT sites across the northeast United States. His work in the PET industry began in 1998 when he founded Integral PET Associates and, in conjunction with Montefiore Medical Center, installed one of the first PET centers in the New York Metropolitan area. (See full bio)