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helps insurers & PEOs

« Chronic disease prevention.

Some risk factors for chronic disease are potentially "modifiable." This means that they can be changed – as in treated or controlled directly by the individual. When individuals understand how much control they have over modifiable risk factors, there is good evidence that behavioral change and treatment can often lead to significant reductions in the occurrence and consequences of chronic diseases.

« Ongoing virtual HABIT Coach™

Many challenges of health education and preventive services revolve around too much information that is not personalized to the participant. The IHW HABIT™ Program acts as a virtual coach that guides the participant through their personalized prevention plan.

« Encourages personal ownership.

Building long-term motivation is key to modifying risk factors. The IHW HABIT™ program was designed to create lasting results that don’t fade away over time. Personal ownership and responsibility are only built when the participant understands and states their motivation to be healthier. Our behavioral modification process helps the participant buy-in to their goals.

« HABIT eMessaging™ pushes timely notifications to subscribers.

Includes individualized reminders, eMessaging, and constant reminders for:

  • Annual checkups and preventive screenings (mammograms, colonoscopy, bone density, etc.)
  • Health tips and preventive care needs
  • Proactive health care monitoring

« Provides empirical data on risk pool status.

Understanding the biggest problems that affect the risk pool is valuable to finding the correct solutions. The data collected through the IHW HABIT™ Program provides insight that can help your organization focus on the right solutions.