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Why do medical practices & networks love IHW HABIT™?

G0438 Annual wellness visit includes a Personalized Prevention Plan of Service (PPPS), initial visit
G0439 Annual wellness visit includes a Personalized Prevention Plan of Service (PPPS), subsequent visit

« Earn revenue through the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) G-codes.

Our system helps you meet the requirements to bill for the AWV. The IHW HABIT™ program saves you time and effort, while providing your patients with a tool to keep themselves healthier throughout the year. Doctors are finding the IHW HABIT™ program easy to use and effective at helping to meet the new Affordable Care Act billing code requirements.

« Provides framework and documentation of ACA AWV* & P3**.

Weight management, diet and nutrition, blood pressure, tobacco use, prescription drugs, and alcohol abuse are among the topics broached in the Annual Wellness Plan.

*AWV = Annual Wellness Visit
**P3 = Personalized Prevention Plan

« Includes digital timestamps for key ACA compliance records.

Our system logs the date and time each patient takes the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) as well as the Behavior Assessment (BA). If you are audited, you will be able to furnish a comprehensive list of all patients who have taken the HRA and BA, with timestamps.

« HABIT eMessaging™ pushes timely notifications to patients and health care professionals.

Includes individualized reminders, eMessaging, and constant reminders for:

  • Annual checkups and preventive screenings (mammograms, colonoscopy, bone density, etc.)
  • Health tips and preventive care needs
  • Proactive health care monitoring

« IHW HABIT™ can be customized and private labeled.

Make the program your own. Private labeling gives you the freedom to add IHW HABIT™ to any of your packages, seemingly as part of your system.